Sustainable Forest Industries Limited
of Fiji

Genuine Big Leaf Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) from the well managed plantations of Fiji

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SFI, Ltd.
PO Box 1119
Nabua, Fiji Islands

Life in the Sema Village

Welcome to the Sema Clan's Village

Two boys show off their dinner catch.  While fishing is fun for them, its also a very real contribution to the village--young boys like these provide many meals.

Their younger friend watched, sad that he couldn't go fishing in the ocean as well.

SFI is seeking to ensure that proceeds from the Mahogany harvests will go towards providing him with a higher education. 

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The village main street. A fishing net waiting repair.
A village home. Laundry out to dry.
This is the main toilet for the village.
It drains into the ocean.
This is one of the village's 
public water sources.
A village home. A village home.
Click here to meet Peceli Tuisawau, chief of the Sema Clan.

SFI, Ltd.
PO Box 1119
Nabua, Fiji Islands
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