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Genuine Big Leaf Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) from the well managed plantations of Fiji

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SFI, Ltd.
PO Box 1119
Nabua, Fiji Islands

Usaia Tukana, Landowner Liaison

Usaia Tukana has forestry in his blood.  His father was one of the first foresters after Fiji's independence, responsible for checking logging operations on the island of Vanualevu, where Usaia was born.  He says, "all of my life has been in the forest, there was no question of what I would do when I grew up."  He laughs and explains that his entire family has stayed connected to their roots--his brother is a mechanic for the Fijian Forestry School, his older sister teaches at the forestry station in Vanulevu and his other sister married a forester.  

Usaia goes by "Usa" (pronounced "oo-sa" or sometimes as "U-S-A"!).  A graduate of the Fiji Forestry Training Center, he started with Fiji Pine and moved on to work for Tropik Wood and several other Fijian wood companies.  He then served several years on the Native Land Trust Board, surveying the forests, negotiating leases and mediating disputes.

Working now as SFI's Landowner Liaison, Usa spends about half his time in the forests to make sure the logging is done properly for the best health of the forests and that the landowners' interests are being served.  He also works with the government to set long term logging policies and coordinates production with other Fijian companies. 

Married, with one son, Usa is very involved in his community and also is the director of an annual Christian Youth camp which hosts 400-500 kids for a week of readings and study.  He also enjoys rugby and "meeting people from all around the world."  He encourages you to come to Fiji and see the forest conditions for yourself.


SFI, Ltd.
PO Box 1119
Nabua, Fiji Islands
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