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Genuine Big Leaf Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) from the well managed plantations of Fiji

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SFI, Ltd.
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Nabua, Fiji Islands

SFI Practices Sustainable Harvesting

SFI is committed to the long term health of the Fijian Mahogany plantations.  The ideal logging cycle is still being determined, but it is expected to be a minimum cycle of 10 years.  To reduce the damage to the forest through the logging cycles, SFI is establishing a permanent road system of hard packed gravel.  These roads will be maintained during the non-cutting cycles to so that there will be minimal impact when the harvest starts again.

These roads will also serve as fire breaks and provide access for the foresters who regularly monitor the health of the forests.  Hunters, hikers and other users of the forests will also have access.

Smaller side roads are made to bring the logs out to the main areas, and these will be allowed to regrow naturally, since they may not be used in the next cycle.  These smaller roads are not being graveled and are rapidly covered by Mahogany regrowth.  The small roads are almost impossible to find within a month or two of harvest.

Logging is done based on the "minimal impact" concept.  The least amount of damage possible is done to the surrounding areas.

As you can see from the picture, three stumps were harvested side by side.  (The middle one was done as a thinning, the outer two were commercial logs.)  The damage to the surrounding area is virtually nil.

The logs were brought out on the logging trail pictured above.  All in all, it is almost impossible to see where the cutting occurred.  The forest is still healthy and active, with multiple ages of growth, and serving as a healthy habitat for a range of animals and birds.

The logs being harvested are of a consistent size and quality.  This helps make the lumber produced more consistent for our customers.  It also provides the forest with at least two major generations of regrowth (in most cases there appear to be three), guaranteeing a long term cutting cycle of mature trees in a perennially healthy forest.

Please click here for more pictures of the forests.

SFI, Ltd.
PO Box 1119
Nabua, Fiji Islands
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