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The Story of the Pinknot

The Fijian Mahogany has a specific characteristic which distinguishes it from the other Mahoganies in the world:  the pinknot.  This feature is clear evidence of its plantation origins.  

This is the story of the pinknot and why it appears in the pattern that it does in our fine lumber:

In the beginning, trees were planted:

These trees were spaced evenly apart and each tree got lots of sun.  They put out many small branches and leaves to gather in the warm Fijian sun.  

As the trees grew bigger, they formed a canopy, blocking the sun from their lower trunks.  So the trees pushed higher and higher to reach the sun and stopped putting out small branches lower down.  

They put out bigger and bigger branches up at the top, reaching out for the sunlight.  The smaller little branches were less and less in number and appeared further apart.
But the tiny branches were still part of the tree.  

They were buried inside the tree as the tree grew up around them.

If you look at the outside of a Fijian Mahogany log now, until you get to the very end where the big branches were, you will see almost no defects or knots on the surface at all....

But deep inside, all up and down the log, and usually buried in close to the heart, you will find all of the small branches that helped the tree begin its life. 

And that's why the Fijian pinknot is your guarantee that this is a plantation product, good for the environment, good for Fiji.  Each pinknot is a symbol of the tree's determination to reach for the sun. 

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SFI, Ltd.
PO Box 1119
Nabua, Fiji Islands
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